Entroido (carnival) dos Xenerais da Ulla

It is a tradition specific to the Ulla region, with the first references dating back to the 1870s. In addition to Touro, it is celebrated in our other municipalities in the area: Boqueixón, Teo, Vedra, Santiago de Compostela, A Estrada, Silleda and Vila de Cruces.

O Entroido en Touro has as its main protagonists the parishes of Bama and Fao, where they have always ensured the maintenance of traditions of many long journeys, like the speech of the Xenerais, who impress with their rhymes and themes and, of course, with their clothing.

Nowadays, it is declared a Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia.

The famous Xenerais and Correos walk around the parishes dressed in costumes that emulate their military uniforms. XIX e that are decorated with showy feathers. Be accompanied by an “army” of flag bearers, choirs, troupes and parties. To finish, the This recital consists of a dialectical confrontation in pairs that mocks and satires local, political and romantic themes.