Eurovelo 3


WHAT IS EUROVELO? EuroVelo is the European Cycle Route Network, developed and coordinated by the European Cycling Federation EFC, composed of 17 long-distance routes that cross and connect the entire European continent.

Touro is located in the last stage of the Pilgrims’ Route on the Way to Compostela.


Explore Touro 5 Essential Experiences

1 Unique Stay

Stay in a 17th century Manor House or in cabins in the forest. Discover our accommodation offer.


2 Cultural Treasure

Make a stop at the “Hórreo de Outeiro”. Recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest.



3 Stunning landscape views

Visit the Coto San Sebastián viewpoint with its fort and views of the Roman camp of O Castrillón.


4 Nature in its purest form

Be amazed by the Batán Waterfall and the centenary oak grove of Brandelos with its source of mineral-medicinal waters.


5 Land and water

For the most intrepid, explore the Ulla River, one of the most important in Galicia, and immerse yourself in an authentic native Atlantic forest, visiting the beautiful location of Pozo del Pego.


Within the EV3-PR3, in the last stage, in Section 19 between Melide and Santiago de Compostela, the most wonderful 66 kilometers await us, charmingly we will reach the town of Arzúa, one of the best-known capitals of cheese of Galicia, and through the well-known “Dutch Route”, accessing the AC-240 regional road, we will pass through Touro and Boqueixón to finally welcome the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where you can continue to Fisterra.

You may also be interested in organizing the stages of your Camino de Santiago as you prefer:

Day 1 Stage O Cebreiro – Sarria → 58 km / 6-7 h
on day 2 Stage Sarria – Palas de Rei → 53 km / 5-6 h
on the day 3 Stage Palas de Rei – Touro → 51 km / 5-6 h,

And your last day in TOURO

Take the opportunity to get to know other corners of this section, calmly traveling just 33 km and enjoy a morning in Santiago de Compostela, Touro stage – Santiago de Compostela → 33 km / 3-4 h.



Get to know the heritage while you tour EuroVelo3

The DUTCH WAY is a derivation of the famous French Way.It passes though the municipality of Touro via the AC-240 country road for 23.3 km. This route goes through the parishes of Beseño, Quión, Andeade, Touro, Loxo, and Prevediños .


This way offers the perfect combination of natural and cultural heritage. Pilgrims can stop and discover numerous examples of religious, civil, and popular architecture; or stop to enjoy nature. The oak groves, trails, waterfalls, and recreational areas along the river provide travellers with an excellent location to rest.