O Pego well and Ulla river canyon

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Located less than 30 km from the city of Santiago de Compostela is Touro, the perfect enclave to get lost in its natural places, relax and learn about its heritage.
Water plays a leading role in its environment and its landscape, waterfalls and rivers flow through the municipality with the Ulla River and the Atlantic forests as the main attraction.
Touro is history. We can find preserved remains from the megalithic era and follow the traces of different societies throughout the centuries. The fort of San Sebastián and the Roman camp of Castrillón, one of the only ones in the northwest of the peninsula, make up an archaeological landscape of enormous interest.
The history of the town hall is also a Xacobean tradition. EuroVelo 3 “Pilgrims' Route”, which mainly follows the traces of the French Way, is used by cycle tourists and pilgrims from all over Europe on their way to Compostela..
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