Coto de San Sebastián


Located less than 30 km from the city of Santiago de Compostela is Touro, the perfect enclave to get lost in its natural places, relax and learn about its heritage.
Water plays a leading role in its environment and landscape, waterfalls and rivers flow through the municipality with the Ulla River and the Atlantic forests as the main attraction.
Not much data is known about past times, even so, we can find preserved remains from the megalithic period and follow the traces of the different settlements, castrejos and Romans that can be observed, both on the ground as in toponymy.
The story of Touro and the Jacobean tradition, (The Legend of the Queen Lupa, the Sacred Peak and the oxen that carried the apostle, which turn out to be brave bulls ) it is related in the legend that during the transfer of the remains of the Apostle to Santiago, they took him to his tomb thanks to some wild oxen that they miraculously tamed, bulls from the lands that we invite you to visit
Currently EuroVelo 3 “Pilgrim's Route” which mainly follows the route of the French Way to Santiago, used mainly by cyclists and cycle tourists, runs through this municipality, also the historical section as a sustainable variant of pilgrimage reflected in the letter from geographer Domingo Fontán (19th century) between the towns of Arzúa and Pedrouzo, which makes us an ideal place to visit and stop on the Road to Compostela.
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