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A little about Touro.
42º 51′ 5 North. 8º 18′ 5 West.
The Council of Touro administratively belongs to the province of A Coruña and is located in the south of it at 316 meters above sea level and less than 60 km from the coast, with flora and fauna typical of the Atlantic forests.
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It is made up of 19 parishes and 139 population centers or villages.
The municipal seat is located in the place of Fonte Diaz in the parish of Touro.



mapa de recursos de touro

Mirador San Sebastián
Área Recreativa de Brandelos
Área Recreativa de Grixó
Área Recreativa de Remesquide
Área Recreativa da Santaia
Tríptico ruta PR-G 121
Tríptico ruta PR-G 93
Roteiro Cifrado
Roteiro Temático do Ulla
Rueiro Touro
Tríptico PR-G 233 – Ruta da Fervenza das Hortas
Tríptico Caminando por Touro
Mapa Recursos Turísticos



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