Ulla River Thematic Route

Start: Pozo do Pego (42º 52′ 10.1′ N – 8º 18’15.3′ W)

End: Souto do Barco recreational area (42°49’54.1’N – 8°20’40.3’W)

This route begins in Pozo do Pego and continues along the banks of the Ulla River, the longest and largest river in Galicia after the Miño. Through this route, the richness of the natural environment that surrounds the course of said river through the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra is made known.

The thematic route not only highlights the incredible biodiversity of flora – ash, birch, willow, foxgloves, dandelions… – and fauna – black-green lizard, otter, sandpiper, green frog… – but also the cultural heritage and the traditions of the area.

To deepen this knowledge, the route has different information panels about the natural environment and the importance of its conservation, the heritage elements that can be found along the way and the traditional uses and customs spread along the Ulla River.

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