Viewpoint Coto de San Sebastián

The Viewpoint del Coto de San Sebastián is located at 385 meters above sea level, between the parishes of Loxo and Fontes Rosas.
Coordenadas: 42°51’46.5″N 8°21’06.4″W

From this privileged place you can clearly see Pico Sacro, Lavacolla airport, several parishes in Touro, and the nearby mountains of Farelo, Candán, and Barbanza. On a clear day, you can see some of the Ancares peaks with the help of binoculars.
The “Coto de San Sebastián” hides vestiges of ancient times, such as a fortified settlement (“castro”) from the Iron Age, the old chapel, or the three caves.
From there, you can also see the location of the Roman military settlement of O Castrillón.

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