“Hórreo” of Outeiro

Parish: Loxo (Santa María)

Location: Outeiro – 15823 Touro

Asset of Cultural Interest

The granaries are one of the most characteristic and well-known elements of popular Galician architecture. They are buildings dedicated to the storage and conservation of corn and other agricultural products. Its structural characteristics are due to the conditions of environmental humidity and rain of Galicia and the Northwest Peninsula, as well as the need to prevent the entry of animals.

Furthermore, granaries have a strong symbolic value in their ornamental elements, frequently representing the owners’ house and their productive capacity.

The Outeiro granary was declared BIC in 2017. It is a rectangular mixed-type granary, which combines stone and wood. It has no feet, but is situated on a masonry barn or ‘celeiro’ that is also used as extra storage space. The use of shale slabs is striking both on the façade and in the ‘tornarratos’ that runs throughout the structure to prevent access by rodents and other animals. The interior, which is accessed through a wooden door, is a space without divisions and with a stone floor.