Dólmen of Cruz de Méndez

In Cruz De Méndez, you can find a necropolis formed by five dolmens. In one of them, you can still see two of the orthostats that made up the walls of the burial chamber.

Coordinates: 42° 52′ 04.3″N 8° 19′ 05.5″W

These slabs are evidence of the archaeological heritage of Touro, where are also located the following archaeological remains:

Dolmens of O Cotiño: Necropolis with eight dolmens.

Dolmens of Cotón da Raíña: Necropolis with two dolmens.

As Medorras: Necropolis with five dolmens.

Dolmens of O Coto: Necropolis with six dolmens.

Dolmens of Sucoto: Necropolis with two dolmens.

Dolmens of A Zanca: Necropolis with two dolmens.